Crapface Fellows

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Crapface Fellows
Crapface Fellows.jpg
First appearance"The Late Philip J. Fry" (6ACV07)

The Crapface Fellows are a group of three cavemen living in the ruins of New New York in the year 10000. They recur to wooden fire and more futuristic pointy rocks tied to sticks for protection and hunt. All three of the Crapface Fellows have long hair.

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    Bender: Man, the future is a total crap hole, and whoever lives here is a crapface sack of crap. No offense, fellows.
    Crapface Fellow #1: Don't sweat it, man!

    The Professor: No. Without a backwards time machine, we're stuck in this crap hole.
    Crapface Fellow #1: Dude, give it a rest.