Hazmat troopers

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Hazmat troopers
Hazmat soldier.png
First appearanceFuturama (video game)

Hazmat troopers are a type of enemy featured in the Futurama video game.

Hazmat troopers with orange hazmat suits can be found in the Subway, while those sent into Old New York wear green suits and baseball helmets. Standard hazmat troopers are equipped with double-barreled plasma shotguns. Before death, one will occasionally pick up their gun and quickly fire one last shot.

Special varieties of the troopers include the Berserkers, who wear red and brown suits and are equipped with spiked baseball bats, and the Rocketeers, who wear yellow suits and are equipped with high-powered rocket rifles.

Although Hazmats never speak, they scream when killed and laugh if they kill Fry. It is unknown what species they are as their real faces are never shown, however judging from their hostile nature they could be aliens, mutants or even robots. The mutant hypothesis is the most likely, as the Subway and Old New York are directly connected to the Sewer.

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