How to Read a Book in Bed

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How to Read a Book in Bed
How to Read a Book in Bed.png
Homer Simpson reading How to Read a Book in Bed, [SABF16] Disputed canon in his house, in 2014. To his left is his wife Marge.
Owner(s)Likely Homer Simpson
First appearance"Simpsorama"

How to Read a Book in Bed is a book that Homer Simpson read in bed in 2014, [SABF16] Disputed canon after Bender went back in time from 3014 to Springfield to kill him in order to prevent a group of rabbit creatures with Homer's D.N.A. from destroying New New York.

After hearing Bender making noise, Homer's wife Marge interrupted her husband's reading by telling him that she thought that there was someone downstairs, to which he replied that it was probably just Homer coming home late from Moe's.

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