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Secondary character
Lucy Liu's head
Lucy Liu's Head.jpg
AgeSee Age
Date of birth2 December, 1968
Planet of originEarth, USA, Old New York
First appearance"I Dated a Robot" (3ACV15)
Voiced byLucy Liu
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This article is about the Futurama character. For the actress, see Lucy Liu.

Lucy Liu's head is the head of 21st century actress Lucy Liu. For much of her life, Liu has been at, where they have been holding her prisoner since 2203 (3ACV15). During 800 years, many people downloaded illegal copies of her. After being rescued by Bender in 3003, Liu began a relationship with him, and was last seen living inside his case (4ACV03). Her current status is unknown.

Character Description


Her exact age is unknown. If Liu was living inside Bender ever since 3003, then she is thousands of years old (BBS). Otherwise, she is 1055.


The Liubot was a computer-generated duplicate of Lucy Liu that was downloaded by Fry. Later, a swarm of them were sent to kill the Planet Express crew by the Kidnappster CEO after Bender stole Lucy Liu's head from the company. It is believed that, after the attack, all Liubots were destroyed.

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Additional Info


  • She was apparently inside Bender during the Roswell incident, though Bender may have taken her out of his chest before that episode and put her back before her next appearance.
  • She owns the largest gold nugget in the world, which, besides her image, is all she has.


    Lucy Liu's head: Are you the last copy of me?
    Liubot: [In a weak voice.] Yes.
    Lucy Liu's head: Erase her, Fry.
    Fry: What?! No!
    Lucy Liu's head: Fry, when you downloaded her without my permission, you stole my image, and in the end that's all I really have. That, and the largest gold nugget in the world, one mile in diameter.

    Liubot: [monotone] I am Lucy Liu. Give me your spines.

    Liubot: I'll always remember you, Fry. [In a Robotic voice.] Memory deleted!

    Liubot: Oh, Fry! I love you more than the moon, and the stars, and the... [In a Robotic voice.] Poetic image number 37 not found!

    Planet Express ship: I'm gonna go home and get dinner started. [She blasts off. Bender's chest cabinet opens revealing Lucy Liu's head in a jar.]
    Lucy Liu's head: Who are you talking to?
    Bender: No one, baby! Lucy Liu is the only girl for Bender.
    Liu: I love you-- [He slams the door on her.]