Neutopia (planet)

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This article is about the planet. For the episode, see Neutopia.
Rock alien homeworld.png
First appearance"Neutopia" (6ACV20)

Neutopia is a rocky mineral planet, apparently lifeless except for the rock aliens. When first encountered by Leela when the Plan Am plane crashed on it, she described it as "a lifeless mineral world". A day later, after certain events had conspired, LaBarbara referred to the planet as "a neutered utopia - a Neutopia" (6ACV20).

The planet is covered in minerals and rivers of floating mercury. The temperature is at times pleasant, but the planets orbit takes it close enough to its sun for the mercury rivers to begin boiling, making it impossible for organic life to survive on the surface. There are tree-like structures dotted around, which catch fire as the planet approaches its sun. They burn with a blue flame, possibly implying that they are composed of copper.

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  • There are sentient rock formations which have the technology for interstellar travel (using ships that look like meteorites), and form themselves into humanoid shapes. They vary in composition, and both crystalline and granitoid forms are seen (the Borax Kid and the first Rock Alien, respectively). They also have phenomenal (possibly unlimited) lifespans.


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