Radio-cranial dream injector

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Radio-cranial dream injector
Radio-cranial dream injector.png
Amy inserting a plug into the radio-cranial dream injector, in the Planet Express laboratory, in 3013. [7ACV23]
First appearance"Game of Tones" (7ACV23)

The radio-cranial dream injector is a machine that, in 3013, was used to induce a dream state in Fry so that he could re-enact the day of 31 December 1999 and locate the source of a melody that he had heard. [7ACV23] Amy prepared the injector for Fry's first dream at the professor's request, although she seemed not to know what the injector was. She later prepared it again for Fry's second dream.


The radio-cranial dream injector was first seen in a selected animatic for 7ACV23, which had been released online by July 2013.

In the animatic, the way in which Amy prepares the injector for the second time was different.

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  • The injector's design in the episode's second act is different from the injector's design in the episode's first and third acts. The animatic version of the design, however, is the same.


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