Supernova Scotia

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Supernova Scotia
Zapp Dingbat screenshot.png
Zapp and Kif in a negotiation with Admiral Chew, where the latter was granted exclusive fishing rights in Supernova Scotia (7ACV05).
First appearance"Zapp Dingbat" (7ACV05)

Supernova Scotia is a supernova. In 3012, Zapp Brannigan granted Admiral Chew exclusive fishing rights in Supernova Scotia in exchange for his promise not to attack Earth (7ACV05).


Supernova Scotia was introduced in a video released by Countdown to Futurama on 29 May 2012. [1]

Additional Info


  • Its name is a play on the name of the Canadian province of Nova Scotia.


    Zapp: Now, Admiral, in exchange for your promise not to attack us, we will grant you exclusive fishing rights in Supernova Scotia.



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