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Tertiary character
Unnamed TV Robot
TV Robot.jpg
The TV Robot showing the duel between Bender (in the Emperor's body) and Basil.
ProfessionTV Robot
First appearance"The Prisoner of Benda" (6ACV10)
Voiced byUnknown

The unnamed TV Robot is a very primitive machine, given that he seems to be nothing but a simple television set and is never shown speaking. He is assumably a Robo-Hungarian immigrant in New New York and works in Circus Roboticus under Fishy Joe.

However, this robot did play an important role in Robo-Hungarian History. He contributed to the assassination of Chief of the Royal Guard Basil in August of 3010 by transmiting the United Nations Conference and thus allowing Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth (in Bender's body) to go to the UN National Assembly, fight him and ultimately kill him.

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