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User:Gopher/sig Welcome, bat mantis. Question: How did you even MAKE this page, without a link to it? I'm adding a link from "A Fishfull of Dollars" but I'm just a bit mystified - I can't imagine how you did it unless you added a link and followed it from a preview, forgetting to save the page...

Buddy13 FW16.png If you "search" for something, it'll say "no page exists with this exact title" and "exact title" is a link to create it. No link needed. What will be needed is a cleaner screenshot.

User:Gopher/sig Really? That seems wrong. Not as wrong as some wikis I've seen which are modded to have an "New Article" edit box at the bottom of every page (should be called the "Create Orphan" box), but pretty wrong.

I just typed in title=Angry_Norwegian after the URL and it created a new page. I thought this was how all Wikis worked....

Removed screenshot for now. Probably going to get a better one off DVD later along w/ a small thumb for the article.

This entire article is really a stub and I plan to expand on it as much as I can.

User:Gopher/sig That works, but it's kidnof a hacked approach. The prefered method is to create a link to the page you want to create. When you follow a link to a non-existant page, it will take you to the edit page. This way, you don't create orphan pages (pages that have no links to them). Welcome, again!

Buddy13 FW16.png yes, welcome! And you don't need to create a thumbnail, since the Wiki does that automatically. Standard screenshot size is 706x540 for fuzzy-edge seasons (seasons 1&2) and 720x540 for straight-edge seasons (3&4). If you include the image using the following code, the thumbnail is created for you: [[Image:Angry Norwegian.jpg|right|thumb|Caption]] "right" can be replaced by "left" obviously. "Caption" is whatever you want to appear under the thumbnail. And "thumb" is the part that creates the thumbnail.