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Tertiary character
Walter Koenig
Walter Koenig.png
Date of birth14 September, 1936
First appearance"Where No Fan Has Gone Before"
Voiced byWalter Koenig

Walter Koenig is an actor, best known for his role as Pavel Chekov on Star Trek. Suffering the same fate as his fellow Star Trek cast during the Star Trek wars, Koenig had for centuries dwelt on the forbidden planet Omega 3.

Not until the Planet Express ship came along would this change. Where Koenig lives today remains unknown, but he may be living in the Head Museum.

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  • Much like Matt Groening's name, the "oe" in Koenig's name is pronounced "ey", so "Keynig". Interestingly, Bender pronounced it correctly, though Groening has had his own characters (Milhouse specifically, when asking Groening to sign a Bender doll) pronounce Groening incorrectly.

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