Assisted Computing Facility

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Assisted Computing Facility
Assisted Computing Facility.png
LocationNew New York
First appearance"Radiorama"

The Assisted Computing Facility is a nursing home, in New New York, for obsolete robots.


Bender's mother lived here in 3017, when she was near death. She traveled with the Planet Express crew to defeat the audio entity Klaxxon, as Bender didn't want her to die without hearing his performance on All My Circuits. When Bender couldn't contain Klaxxon, Bender's mother attempted to do so herself. However, as she was too weak to contain him completely, he merged with her, which had the unexpected side effects of revitalizing her, and giving her a voice for the first time. Afterward, the combined entity of Klaxxon and Bender's mother continued to live at the Assisted Computing Facility.