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First appearance"Brannigan, Begin Again" (2ACV02)

The Amazonians are a race of massive women living on Amazonia. They are ruled by the Femputer, who is actually a Fembot, and are divided into (at least) three groups: the large women, the most beautiful women and the petite women. Their grammar is generally bad and their vocabulary is limited. They all wear skimpy clothes yet they are unattractive, though no one has dared to tell them this to their face due to their tendency to club people to death.


The age of the Amazonians is unknown, but they have at least lived on Amazonia for several generations. There were once male Amazonians, but they died out, and no living Amazonians seem to recall men. This seems to raise the question on how the females still exist even without the males.

When men from the Planet Express crew visited the planet in 3001, they were sentenced to death, as required by Amazonian law, through the act of snu-snu, in which the Amazonians continuously had sex with them. The men were ultimately freed by the Femputer. [3ACV01]

Though the Amazonians seemed quite separate from other civilisations when the Planet Express crew visited them in 3001, they have visited other planets on multiple occasions since. This includes coming to view Leo Wong's Violet Dwarf Star Implosion in 3009, and visiting Bender's 100th-delivery party in 3010. [6ACV12] They also joined intergalactic organizations, such as DOOP, [2ACV02] and they sent a woman for the Miss Universe Pageant 3001. [2ACV06]

Two Amazonians meet Fry again in "Fry Am the Egg Man" selling Aunt Snu-Snu's Maple Syrup at the Local Group Farmer's Market.


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    Thog: Here stadium, where our women basketball teams play.
    Kug: We no can dunk, but good fundementals.
    Ornik: That more fun to watch.


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