Fry Am the Egg Man

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Season 6 episode
Broadcast season 8 episode
Fry Am the Egg Man
Production number6ACV22
Written byMichael Rowe
Directed byDwayne Carey-Hill
First air date11 August, 2011
Broadcast numberS08E09
Title referenceThe line "I am the egg man" from the song "I Am the Walrus"


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"Fry Am the Egg Man" is the one hundred and tenth episode of Futurama, the twenty-second of the sixth production season and the ninth of the eighth broadcast season. It aired on 11 August, 2011, on Comedy Central. Fry nurtures an alien egg that hatches into a horrific monster.


Act I: "There's nothin' wrong with a little fast food once or twice a meal."

After a dangerous delivery, the crew eats at Fishy Joe's, and Leela becomes upset because of the vague sources of fast food. They go to the local farmer's market to buy known foods (and some Zuban cigars for Bender). She blackmails the crew to eat them, but Fry decides to hatch an egg after learning that the ones bought are fertile.

Act II: "Kill it before someone names it!"

Fry raises the egg for a week, and it hatches into a horrific monster that he names Mr. Peppy. Mr. Peppy grows to full size in a few days, and Farnsworth discovers that Mr. Peppy is a ravenous Bone Vampire. Realizing they can't keep it on Earth, they send it back to its homeworld, Doohan 6, to repopulate the species.

Act III: "This is gonna kill him more than it does me."

After setting Mr. Peppy free, the crew goes to a nearby barn where they tell the villagers that they set the creature loose, thus threatening the populace. Leela's friend Angus McZongo spearheads the hunt as Fry assures them that Mr. Peppy is harmless. After Leela is attacked by Mr. Peppy, Fry decides to kill his pet himself. When he shoots, however, it is revealed to be McZongo dressed in a bone vampire costume, who admits that he was responsible for the attacks. Suddenly, they notice Mr. Peppy sucking the skeleton from some sheep, and Fry decides to kill him until the villagers spare the beast because they can use it as a way to slaughter their excessive livestock.


During May and June 2011, Countdown to Futurama released three items of promotional material for the episode: concept art of a new character, Mr. Peppy, on 30 May, part of the storyboard showing Bender and Fry at the drive-thru on 31 May, and a video clip featuring Bender and Mr. Peppy playing fetch on 19 June.

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In the original U.S. broadcast on 11 August, 2011, the episode scored a 0.7 share among adults aged 18-49, down a tenth from the previous week, and 1.462 million viewers, up about 3,000 views from the previous week.[1]

Additional Info


  • This is one of four episodes of broadcast season 8 to be broadcast in production order. The other three are "Cold Warriors", "Overclockwise" and "Reincarnation".
  • The song heard during the montage of Fry keeping the egg safe is "Eggman" by Eli Wolfe.
  • If Leela is correct about her having 205 bones, she would have one less than normal humans.
    • It is unclear what bone she is missing. It may be that she has one lacrimal or nasal bone instead of two due to her strange head shape (i.e., her one eye).
    • Given that human characters only have four fingers on each hand, the joke could be pointing out that Leela should have even fewer than 205.
  • Bonus Vampirus actually translates to "Good Vampire" in Latin.
    • The correct translation would be either "Exosso Succo" (Implying a vampire that deprives one of bones), "Os Lamia" (Bone Demon), or "Os Vampirus" (Bone Vampire)


  • The title is a play on the lyric "I am the egg man" from The Beatles' song "I Am the Walrus".
  • The plot bears some resemblance to The Simpsons episode "Bart the Mother". Bart Simpson nurtures two orphaned "bird" eggs until they hatch, but they turn out to be two Bolivian Tree Lizards that wreak havoc on Springfield.
    • Incidentally, that episode was the last full one written by David X. Cohen before he began working on Futurama.
  • TGI Fried is a reference to the restaurant chain T.G.I. Friday's.
  • The "Local Group Farmers Market" refers to the Local Group, which is the group of galaxies that includes the Milky Way.
  • When Fry says to Dr. Zoidberg "Leggo my egg-o, crab-o," this is a parody of the famous Eggo Waffles commercial slogan.
  • The Medieval Monster Manual that Professor Farnsworth shows the crew is titled "Gygaxicon" with a picture of a dodecahedron above the title. This is a reference to Gary Gygax, the co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons.
  • After Professor Farnsworth announces that the creature is a "Bonus Vampirus", or bone vampire, Dr. Zoidberg exclaims "Dios Mio!" and crosses himself in the Catholic fashion, followed by continued crossing using dance moves from the Macarena (these movements could also be construed as part of the dance from "The Three Amigos" movie).
  • After setting Mr. Peppy free, Bender announces, "Hold up! There's alcohol around here somewhere. My Tanqueray-dar is goin' crazy." Tanqueray-dar is a portmanteau of the words "Tanqueray" and "radar".
  • The planet Doohan 6 and its Scottish-like inhabitants are a reference to James Doohan, "Scotty" of Star Trek fame. Incidentally, he was the only living Star Trek: The Original Series cast member at the time of production (he died in 2005) to refuse to appear in "Where No Fan Has Gone Before".
  • Angus McZongo's accent is reminiscent of Sean Connery.
  • The name of the character Angus McZongo is a reference to Zongo Comics, a comic book company founded by Matt Groening.
  • Zuban cigars are an obvious reference to the coveted Cuban cigars.
  • Fry's "would not, could not" speech mimics the style of Dr. Seuss, specifically the children's book Green Eggs and Ham.
  • When Amy says "Jinkies, he Scooby-Dooed us," this is an obvious reference to Scooby-Doo and its character Velma's catchphrase "Jinkies".
  • When Fry says, "He's not a fighter, he's a lover, like Dwayne 'The Rock' 'The Tooth Fairy' Johnson," This is a reference to former wrestler, now-actor Dwayne Johnson and the movie Tooth Fairy which he starred in.
  • When the sheep farmer woke up to find his sheep deboned he let out a string of words including "Gryffindor, Slytherin and Hufflepuff"; famous houses of Hogwarts in Harry Potter. He also says the names of three Akira Kurosawa movies (Dersu Uzala, Yojimbo, Rashomon) before announcing that Mr. Peppy should live.



  • At the end of the previous episode, "That Darn Katz!", as a result of the earth rotation being reversed, the sun is shown setting to the east side of the Planet Express headquarters. However, the sun is shown rising on that same side the morning Leela makes breakfast for the crew.
  • Bender is watching All My Circuits when Mr. Peppy surprises him, yet in the next shot the TV is turned off.
    • He could have turned it off afterward, due to his occupation.
  • When Mr. Peppy takes Bender's arm off, there are wires seen in his arm hole opening. However, in many other episodes in which Bender's arms are removed (such as "Space Pilot 3000"), there are no wires that connect them to his body.
    • They may be connected to the sockets his arms plug into.
  • Angus McZongo is seen walking on his leg which doesn't have a shin.


    Fry: You can't sit on something for a week without falling in love with it.

    Zoidberg: [Walking into Doohan 6 pub.] We're not from around here!

    Hermes: [Inside Doohan 6 pub.] We're guests on your planet; speak English!


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