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Secondary character
Deceased character
Lars Fillmore
(Philip J. Fry)
Lars Fillmore.png
AgeChronologically 2040, biologically 50
Date of birth14 August, 1974 [1]
(same as Fry)
Date of death31 December, 3007
Planet of originEarth
ProfessionDelivery boy (2000-2003),
Whale caretaker (2003-2010),
Head feeder at the Head Museum (3002-3007)
RelativesSame as Fry
First appearanceBender's Big Score
Voiced byBilly West

Lars Fillmore was a time paradox duplicate of Philip J. Fry.


In the 21st century

When Fry travels back in time on 1 January, 2000, he sees Panucci throwing away a slice of pizza. Having no money from that era to buy the slice of pizza, he goes back to Applied Cryogenics and uses the time sphere to go back an hour before, when the pizza was still fresh. He meets his past self and stalls him long enough for his past self to not see the pizza being thrown away, making him instead ask for the storage room above the pizzeria, while the original Fry gets frozen again, making him a time duplicate. He lives there for three years and visits his family, but he cannot get Leela out of his mind, especially since she has fallen for a man named Lars.

It is then he learns that a narwhal named Leelu won't eat fish due to her parents being gone. Fry thinks this is his purpose in life and he gets employed when he proves he can get Leelu to eat. He works there until 2010, when he is told that Leelu needs to be set free. But Fry decides to follow after her with the help of Mr. Panucci' cousin Leroy. For two years they hunt narwhals, but it is not until 2012 that Fry finds the one he is looking for.

But as he travels back to shore with Leelu caught, a male narwhal follows them, and it soon becomes apparent that Leelu is in love with the narwhal, and it would best for Leelu if he let her go, so he does. He then arrives back at the New York Docks to return to his own life.

While in his house, Bender arrives and destroys the building he lives in. In the process, Fry loses his hair, and his larynx is damaged by the smoke from the fire. As he looks in the mirror and the picture of Leela and Lars, he realizes that he himself is Lars.

Amazed at this realization, he rushes towards Applied Cryogenics, where he takes the tube with Michelle and sets it for 990 years, thus waking up in 3002.

In the 31st century

Almost a thousand years later, he gets employed at the Head Museum as a feeder. But he also does jar jobs for people who have had their body cut off. He works there until one day in 3007, the Planet Express crew arrives as Hermes' body and head has been separated. Lars immediately is attracted to and flirts with Leela, and Leela is flattered.

Soon they are dating, and while huddled together during Xmas, Lars asks the question for her hand in marriage. She accepts, and soon their wedding is thrown. But during the ceremony Hermes slips over the rope and the chandelier destroys his body and cuts his head off. As the professor exclaims how he warned Hermes that a time duplicate is doomed, Lars hears this and thus realizes he himself is doomed. He calls off the wedding, leaving Leela heartbroken.

Lars was subsequently forced to evacuate Earth along with all of its other inhabitants, when the Scammers successfully scammed Earth President Nixon into surrendering the last of Earth's land and water, to return to participate in the Battle For Earth 3007, where he piloted what appeared to be a one-man ship. Prior to the battle Lars, possibly owing to his memories from his life as Fry, challenged Zapp Brannigan (who was in command at the time) over his extremely poor battle plan. Lars would subsequently survive the battle and return to his life and career on Earth.

His life becomes mostly normal afterwards, until 31 December, 3007, where Fry invites him to Applied Cryogenics to meet Leela, who coldly rejects him. This is when Nudar suddenly arrives, having figured out that Lars has the time code as well. Lars, knowing he is doomed anyway, sacrifices himself to kill Nudar when he hugs him together onto Bender's time paradox duplicate while he explodes from his Auto Destruct Sequence. It is at this moment that Leela, aghast by his sacrifice, discovers the time code and his identity.

At his funeral, his video will is played, explaining why he had to call off the wedding, and Leela forgives him. His body now rests at Orbiting Meadows (BBS).

In July 3011, Fry works as a feeder at the Head Museum and Dr. Cahill mistakes him for Lars (6ACV23).

Additional info


  • He must be almost 18 years older than Fry (biological) as he manages to live for 12 years between New Years Day 2000 and 2012, and he manages to live for five or six years (3002-3007) until his death on New Years Eve 3007. Due to the cryotube clocks being slightly fast, he might have reached the whole eighteen years. His biological age would therefore be 50 or 51. His chronological age would be around 2040, given he was frozen (twice) for a total of 1990 years.
  • His name may be a reference to Hermes' voice actor, Phil LaMarr, or possibly a pun (Lars Fillmore (Phil-More)). Or possibly his name is an alteration on the name of president "Millard Fillmore." This is possible because he worked as a presidential head feeder, and "Lars" is a nickname for "Millard."
  • It is mentioned in the commentary for Bender's Big Score that the voice of Lars was originally to be given to an actor other than Billy West, presumably to further hide his identity. The idea was scrapped after it was realized that it would not make any sense for someone other than West to voice Lars.
  • Throughout the film, there are many hints to Lars' real identity.
    • He and Fry share the same nose, and the same voice actor.
    • He experiences several near-death experiences during his dates with Leela, hinting that he's doomed to die as a paradox duplicate.
    • The pen Fry had placed that was out of ink is the the exact same pen that Lars took out of his own pocket.
    • During Fry's "funeral", Lars' expression is different to everyone else's; he looks almost haunted.
    • Nudar's sprunjer could still detect the time code even after it had been removed from Fry, both at Planet Express and at Applied Cryogenics. As an even bigger note of foreshadowing, Lars was only a short distance away both times.
    • When Farnsworth said at the wedding that time-paradox duplicates were doomed, Lars said "What?".
    • Upon first meeting him, Leela questions if she knows Lars, to which he responds, "Apparently not.", implying Leela should know him, but doesn't due to not recognizing him.
    • Lars enigmatically says to Leela, "You're the woman I've been waiting for all my life". As the ending shows, he was being quite literal.
    • He knew that Bender's time-paradox duplicate was frozen and ready to explode, even though he was at no point informed about it.
    • Fry also foreshadowed it during the street song, when he says he bets Leela would love him too if he were "a bald headed kook".


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