Prism railroad

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Prism railroad
Prism railroad 7ACV14.png
The prism railroad in 3013. [7ACV14]
LocationInterstellar space
First appearance"The 30% Iron Chef" (3ACV22)
Wrath-of-Conrail, a reference to the 1982 film Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

The prism railroad is an interstellar railroad used for transportation nearly at the speed of light. Instead of regular railroad switches, it uses switching prisms. Bender used it to get to Bumbase Alpha in 3002 [3ACV22] and to get to a railroad camp in 3013. [7ACV14]

Additional information


  • Both of the episodes in which the prism railroad appears have titles containing a percentage.


    Gus: Get ready. We's gonna jump off at that switching prism up ahead.
    Dandy Jim: We're going nearly the speed of light so, uh, roll when you land.


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