Harold Zoid

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Secondary character
Harold Zoid
Harold zoid.jpg
Planet of originDecapod 10
ProfessionRetired actor and director
RelativesDr. John A. Zoidberg, nephew
First appearance"That's Lobstertainment!" (3ACV08)
In 3ACV08Hank Azaria
In The Beast with a Billion Backs
Maurice LaMarche‎

Harold Zoid is the eccentric, over-the-hill celebrity uncle of Planet Express' incompetent doctor John Zoidberg. Zoid enjoyed a successful career as an actor, and later (though less successfully) as a director. He claims that his acting career went down hill the day that Smell-O-Vision was released to the public.


Rise to Celebrity

Like his nephew, Zoid was born on the planet Decapod 10. He forged a successful career for himself as an actor in the 2920s, especially known for his roles in comedic silent films and action movies, wearing his signature straw hat and thick-rimmed glasses.

Later Years

Zoid's celebrity status plummeted when Smell-O-Vision was invented and after he retired, people only seemed to remember him either in his old movies or as a pathetic has-been and a forgotten relic. In his elderly years, in a desperate attempt to regain his failing celebrity status, Zoid persuades his nephew to finance a drama product, called The Magnificent Three; starring Calculon, Zoid, and featuring minor roles from Zoidberg and Bender. However, during filming the movie rapidly develops into a fractured and nonsensical melodrama, which is greeted with ridicule. The project was Zoid's last, although he did win an award for his roles in the film at the 1074th Academy Awards, despite not being nominated. He continued to act both in theater and film, although he only did theater for the blind and deaf, and his roles in film had been reduced to one-line cameos in direct-to-video films.




  • The Magnificent Three (3002)

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